Team Building Games
Team Building Equipment

for trainers to run their own teambuilding events

Hands on, practical and enjoyable games where individuals work together to achieve a common goal using the individual skills of Communication and Teamwork.

Team Building Games

Kit 4 Trainers now supplies our favourite games in an easy to use format so that trainers can incorporate them into their own team building events.


team building skis

more details


team building planks

more details

Shape Sorter

shape sorter

more details

Magic Stick

magic stick

more details

Team Juggle

team juggle

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Team Building Equipment

Kit 4 Trainers also sells Team Building Equipment including:


Navy Blue Blindfolds more details

Black Blindfolds more details

Blackout Goggles more details

Juggling Balls more details

Hazard Tape more details

Elastic Rope more details

Order online with credit/debit card or call 01670 787 512 to arrange payment by credit card or bacs transfer.

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