Team Building Activity Sets

Activity sets are great for adding energy to your training event or team building session. Kit 4 Trainers supplies practical, hands on activities giving the chance for the team to work together and have fun together.


team building skis

A team of up to 6 people, 2 skis. The goal of walking together as a team. Just a few steps to start and then developing into longer and quicker sections as as the team develops its ability to work together.

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team building planks

Sort of a big jigsaw puzzle. The team face the challenge of assembling it against the clock. Working together and communication will be key.

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Shape Sorter

shape sorter

Blindfolded and needing to verbally communicate with each other, the team will be pushed to brush up on their communication skills.

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Magic Stick

magic stick

As a team, just put the stick on the ground. Such a simple task and get this will really test any team.

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Team Juggle

team juggle

Run a Juggling Ball production line process. Between production runs discuss how the team is performing or not, and then work out how to make it all work better.

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